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Don’t Touch My Mushroom


30. September 2021 | 20:00 - 22:00

Improv is what happens when the actors don’t know what will happen: A totally spontaneous spectacle, made up on the spot and based on suggestions from the audience members! You will not walk out smarter, but you will walk out happier!

«The Harold is a longform improvised format which emphasizes patterns, themes and group discoveries instead of a traditional plot or story. Everything starts from a simple suggestion from the audience. The Game of the scene is not predetermined. We create Games and their rules in the moment.»

Entry: Pay what you want – Suggestion: between 10-20 CHF.
Improtheater ist das, was passiert, wenn nicht mal die Schauspieler wissen, was passieren wird: Ein Spektakel! Du gestaltest das Theater mit und gibst den SchauspielerInnen Stichworte.
Nach diesem Abend läufst du vielleicht nicht intelligenter nach Hause, auf alle Fälle aber glücklicher.

Veranstaltung auf Englisch

Eintritt: Pay what you want –  Empfehlung: zwischen 10-20 CHF. 

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jenseits IM VIADUKT
Don’t Touch My Mushroom

Don’t Touch My Mushroom is an improvisional theatre company that grows and performs in Zurich. Despite English not being their first language, they proudly perform in English with a wide variety accents and oddities.
Their shows range from a classic game based comedy show with spontaneous inputs from the audience and other experimental forms to the long form, which is like a full theater piece. In all those forms, everything is spontaneous and everything is completely unscripted. That's improtheatre!

Price fields:
Price standard: Pay What You Want 10-20 CHF